Arjo vs. Oxford Hoists = Annoying and Disabling

Image of an Arjo mobile hoist squaring up to an Oxford mobile hoist in a mock-up Street Fighter video game style battle. In the UK at least, there are two different and incompatible systems for hoisting people in and out of their wheelchairs. This is immensely frustrating for people wanting to use public facilities such as swimming pools and Changing Places accessible toilets. I think it stinks that Oxford (owned by Joerns Healthcare) and Arjo have been building hoisting solutions for 50+ years and neither have found a solution to this problem for people. Business getting in the way of what is right?

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    Try the Poser system from The Helping Hand Company - we do an interchangeable system!  

  2. # Blogger

    Got a link? And can this replacement spreader bar accept Oxford and Arjo compatible slings?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yes it will - website linke is - go tot he Moving & Handling products page and look for Poser  

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    Ah... I'm looking here: - But... thinking of a established hoist in the likes of a shopping centre (e.g. Bluewater in Kent) - how could someone turn up with a clip sling use the hoist - then swiftly be followed by someone using a loop sling?  

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    Looks like the best compromise... Wonder what the answer would be... Arjo or Oxford to go out of business and not be bought out. One to buy out the other. Changing Places to enforce a new universal standard (spreader bars with both typs of attachment)? There's got to be something to make life easier.  

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    They do make slings that are called kloop slings - they have both loop and clip ability  

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    That sounds very interesting, thanks. Any idea from where though? Can't find anything on Google.  

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    If you go online and request info they will send to you  

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    I have done so, but no reply as yet...  

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    We sell a loop converter (MVS174) to convert the sling tapes to the correct type.
    TPG DisableAids Ltd  

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