TIG Duels

Image of a fencing duel between a Panda and a Guinea Pig from the one-switch Fencing game, TIG Duels. "Your Mother, taught you well!" vs. "You were never much of any thing!", the goading is a huge part of the fun in Tig Duels: For Extraordinary Gentlemen and Such Etc.

It's a really well balanced, thought-out, barmy fencing game for two one-switch players. Choose your control, choose your head, then duel. If that wasn't all good enough, you can also challenge people on-line by slapping their faces with a glove.

With thanks to The Wreck, you can now adjust the degree of verbal-jousting (some is a bit rude), and also turn comic blood effects on or off to suit your sensibilities. Personally, I have the lot switched on.

Reviewed over at the Accessible GameBase with short video.

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