Skoog Developments

"[Above is] ... a short video about the Skoog and showing footage from a recent visit to Hillside school working with some of the pupils who helped to develop the Skoog technology." There's been some really exciting developments lately with the Skoog, and most are best explained by themselves over at and at their Blog. Couldn't help but crib this though:

"...we've bundled in some fantastic bonus software that we think is really rather a lot of fun, both in and out of the classroom. Skoogmusic's unique Musical Play Technology allows you to use Skoog to gain expressive control over any pre-recorded sample or loop. Originally developed to help children to sing using their own voices, this bit of kit can do a lot more besides. Now you can be anything from an operatic soprano to a funky soul diva. Or maybe you'd prefer to talk like an animal? Blast like an angry elephant or baa like a happy sheep. It's your choice. "

Ben promises me that they'll be videos up soon of these fantastic features. I've had a tinker with the prototype of these, and found them then to be massively effective, fun, and quite unique.


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