Electronic Soup Podcast: Low Vision Gaming

Image of Vib Ribbon, a white vector-scan type Rabbit waving, standing on a white glowing line, on a black background.
Part four of the Accessible GameBase Electronic Soup Podcast has arrived packaged up tight with the latest Access Collective. This closes the ESP's on Audio Games for the time being, dealing with Low Vision gaming. Again, this comes in two stylees, a full-length version by Dark of AudioGames.net, and an abridged re-worked version by me.

You can listen to all of the ESP's over at the Accessible GameBase and also at the excellent Access Collective. There'll be a help-sheet with quick-grab MP3 links, list of top 10 audio-games for beginners and Design Tips for Low-Vision gamers to neatly round off these ESP's soon-ish.

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