The Ambiomat

Image of 11x8 grid of mosaic art, with four different scattered colours uniformly divided by a white background. Created in one-switch digital toy: The AmbiomatI've long rued how little Switch Accessible Art devices and software there are available. Needless to say, I was absolutlely chuffed to bits, when Rob 'OddBob' Fearon offered to create something to help fill this gap a little. He came up with the splendid "Ambiomat"...

"The Ambiomat is an ambient art package designed for use with a single switch. It is an 11×8 canvas designed to produce abstract block artwork that can look decent regardless of your ability to interact."

With the effects turned off, it's a really effective art creation tool. With the special effects turned on, it's also a really effective cause and effect activity.

Step over to "Bagfull of Wrong" for the current version. It's a work in progress as I understand, so if anyone has any suggestions for further development, please let him know. More please other programmers!!

Added to the Switch Accessible Art section.

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