Picture Puzzle

Image of Picture Puzzle. A fragmented image of two dolphins jumping out of water at sun-set. Graeme Singh knows how to make a game accessible. His latest two are Picture Puzzle and Matching Pairs 2010 World Cup Edition. Outstanding features?

Picture Puzzle is one of the most accessible one-switch puzzle games ever written. It employs a lovely radar pointer system and a placement assistant. On it's easiest settings, all you need to do is hold your switch down, and the computer will place the segments for you.

Matching Pairs offers four different ways to play, including keyboard, switch, point-and-click device and dwell-clicking. With that it should be just as playable for people using an eye-tracker (with fairly accurate control) as for most other people with vision.

These have both been reviewed over at the Accessible GameBase (links are above) and our freely available to download from Grame's Free Games.

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