Electronic Soup Podcast: with added Dark-ness

Image of headphones styled around the Michael Jackson Thriller video. They include a grave-yard, zombie and werewolf, and look pretty bulky. Each padded ear-pieced has a door next to them, one with a werewolf's head bursting through.Part three of the Accessible GameBase Electronic Soup Podcast comes in two flavours this month, skinny and fatty. Both feature Dark from AudioGames.net, who talks with passion about three deeper, more involving Audio Games.

In the "full-fat" version, you can hear Dark play each game, whilst explaining what is going on. I was particularly impressed with Tomb-Raider stroke Prince of Persia influenced, Tomb Hunter: Mysteries of the Ancients. I wasn't aware of side-scrolling arcade/adventure audio games before that.

You can listen to all of the ESP's (including the first time a computer ever sang) over at the Accessible GameBase and also at the excellent Access Collective.

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