SYNSO Championship Edition

Image of SYNSO Championship Edition, an arena shoot-em-up, much like an updated psychedelic version of Robotron: 2084. In the top corner are four arrows, one highlighted, as part of the 4Noah SYNSO one-switch gaming utility.
"Survive 5 minutes. Eat gem and fruits. Score massive". Easy, surely?........ No..... It's not. Especially not if you are playing with the 4Noah SYNSO utility for one-switch play. It is a massive grin though, if retro shoot-em-ups are your bag. I've managed 1 minute and seven seconds using this adapted one-switch mode. Can anyone beat that?

UPDATE: Rob 'Oddbob' Fearon has worked through the night to add accessibility options to give you control over the overall speed of the game, and two ways to adjust how fiercly the alien hoards attack. Brilliant! The game can be made playable to many more players now. It's "pay-what-you-want", so go and get it, and have a tweak!

Via: Bag Full of Wrong and reviewed in full at the Accessible GameBase.

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