Accessible Play Grounds

Image of an accessible round-a-bout, with two young lads in wheelchairs being spun round by their Dads, all grinning broadly. Not sure how I missed "The Play Park" in Exeter (UK), but like Morgan's Wonderland before, what a fantastic thing. Why is this level of accessibility still so rare? Really wish we didn't waste money fighting wars, when we could spend it on stuff like this...

If you're interested in this, do take a look at these too: Boundless Playgrounds (Canada and USA), Judith Aronson-Ramos (USA), GL Jones Playgrounds (Wales) and a BBC Video of The Play Park.


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  1. # Anonymous Jill Pendleton

    Thanks for putting The Playpark on your Twitter page.
    I have mentioned you in my blog
    Jill Pendleton Webmistress for The Playpark's website.  

  2. # Anonymous Jill Pendleton

    I have added a link to you from our The playpark website To view click :-  

  3. # Blogger

    Thanks, Jill! Very happy to bring a few more people to the attention of such a wonderful park. What a wonderful community achievement.  

  4. # Anonymous GraBug

    Most of the playground equipment isn't designed in a way that stops it from being enjoyed by wheelchair users from what I could see.

    Only things like the slide, mouse wheel, and jungle gym could be designed to be more wheelchair accessible than they currently are as the rest don't really require you to be able to move around as easily.

    I'm fairly certain each of the following wouldn't need any design change: ball tosser, catapult, swing, graffiti, blocks, seesaw, pull and release thing. It seems like you're just annoyed with nothing being stated as "wheelchair friendly"  

  5. # Blogger

    I've moved the comment from, and response to Grabug over here:  

  6. # Blogger John smith

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