Skoogmusic: SOLD OUT

Image of a flyer from Skoog music that reads: music for every one. Tactile. Play. Intuitive. Fun. Spring 2010 update. Image of a cube like skoog in outline with musical instuments bursting from it's domed sides. I received the very fantastic news that Skoog music have all sold out. No worries, more are due in this month. On top of this, some fantastic developments appear to be just around the corner. The following taken straight from their newsletter:

"We've got big plans here at Skoogmusic. Keep an eye out for the launch of our brand new website in mid-April. Here you'll find far more detailed product information, user guides and support information, downloads and a brand spanking new skoog community forum where fellow skoog players can share and exchange lesson plans, ideas, tips, events, user files and settings, as well as recordings of own skoog compositions."

I'm also hoping to build an Accessible Music Shop in the near-ish future, where I hope to sell Skoogs too.

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