And here I go flying down the steps

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And here I go flying down the steps -
Almost in somersaults - as in a dream.
And the day is springlike to the point of madness,
And the yard with its streets is - springlike!
And there is no salvation
From the storming devil in me.
Oh, how urgently I need to go
There where it's bluer than blue -
To splash in the puddles by the faucet
To frighten the pigeons away from the eaves!
How rapidly they change places -
Step, bound, leap -
The cold resonance of the doorway
And the sudden burn of the sky!
And there's a smell of tomcats and hops
From the dried flagstones.
And I pant with April
And shout to my brother - 'You look miserable!'

[Kiev, 1980] - Irina Ratushinskaya


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