Switch Curling and the Accessible GameBase

Image of four concentric circles painted on ice with two blue stones and one yellow stone within the target area, and a broom there too.Scott McKay is one of an ever growing army of lone and small-team coders writing accessible games. And thank goodness for them, because I can't see the mainstream doing very much at the moment. Scott's latest highly accessible switch game is the Winter Olympic and Paralympic sport of Curling. I won't waffle on as you can read a review on it over at the Accessible Gamebase with links to the on-line and downloadable versions. I like it lots.

Whilst you're there, you may like to take in these two beautifully surreal one-switch games: Dracula Cha Cha and Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Wacky Adventure Inside a Human Body. And abstract Eye-Tracker and Head-Tracker accessible game: El Beso.

Coming next? Last-gasp efforts to get fit enough to run the London Marathon (have you got bored of me saying - please sponsor me yet!?), Accessible Rock Band auctioned off to help me fund-raise a bit more, and an AT collective podcast including an Audio Gaming segment by me.

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