Reasons to be cheerful: 1,2,3

Image of Trololololololololololo singer.
Trololololololololololo singer again. 1. New images of Earth. Nasa's most accurate yet. I don't like to brag to non-Earthlings, but our planet is very beautiful.
2. The power of Trololololololololololo to make people beam.
3. Just how creative some people are: Bathtub IV.

Consider this happy-filler whilst the OneSwitch Blog takes a bit of a laid back view to updates. Training for the London Marathon is taking up a good chunk of my efforts at the minute. Thank heavens for Add N to (X), bananas and ice-packs. And if you can view it, what an inspiration! Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man on BBC3 and iPlayer. And please sponsor me!!!

1,2,3 Links thanks to the power of Twitter: Reid Kimball, Trabasack and I forget.

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