Quasicon Axis Analogue Arcade Stick

Quasicmoto's Quasicon Axis 1P Analogue Arcade Stick. Large black arcade controller with three large spaced out joysticks and a variety of colourful arcade style push buttons. Quasimoto have just recently released their second analogue arcade stick, the Quaiscon Axis. This time, not only are there dual analogue sticks, but also analogue buttons. Of great interest is that the senstitivity of these can be adjusted when ordering. Console compatibility includes Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSone, Wii (classic controller games only) and PC and Mac.

This looks like a potential solution for a lot of players struggling with the small controls of a traditional joypad. Expect to see a SpecialEffect GameBase review soon.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop Large Controllers section.

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