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Mock Track and Field marathon runners made up from Konami's 1983 classic arcade game. Text reads London Marathon 2010.Some days I feel like I'm falling to bits. I'm training to run the London Marathon this April the 25th. Did I realise how far 26 miles / 42 km was when I agreed? Yes I did in a car. Anyway, imagine a man puffing like a steam-train in the cold air, head the colour of a beetroot, repeatedly putting his iPod headphones back in because they keep falling out, running not very fast up and down the hills of Billericay. That's me quite a lot these days.

I'm doing it to fill in for a runner who dropped out for the wonderful charity SpecialEffect. They are doing fantastic things, including:

The Star Gaze project aiming to bring eye-gaze technology to people who may just be coming out of a coma in hospital so that they can very quickly communicate with their families.

The Game for Helen project that is bringing a highly inclusive games room to the children and young adult's hospices Helen and Douglas House with the hope that this work will spread far and wide.

So in short, please sponsor me! And please don't be put off from the big donors I've had already. Honestly, I would be very grateful for one pound or dollar or euro. It all helps raise cash for this fantastic charity and cause, and will give my beetroot headed running a big boost too.

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