7-128.com: Game Accessibility Top of the Pops

Top of the Pops logo from the 1970s.

7-128.com have just announced their top 25 lists for Game Accessibility web-sites of the past year. They have three lists containing the cream of their crop for: Blind, Motion-Impaired and Deaf gamers.

Chuffed to bits that OneSwitch has received one of those top spots. Of course the accolade is massively down to the support of others. So big-fat-hearty thank yous to Retro Remakes (especially Oddbob, 9752AD and all the programmers who've written more accessible games in their competitions). Thank you to the IGDA GASIG and the many members there who have freely shared their knowledge and passion which has taught me much. Thank you to William Pilgrim for his amazing 4Noah utilities. Thank you to Graeme Singh and all other programmers making efforts above and beyond the mainstream to make games much more accessible to non-main-stream gamers.

Please do check out the other web-sites on the 7-128.com lists as there are many fantastic sites there. Also take a look at their special offer to pick up one of their highly accessible games: Inspector Cyndi in Newport - The Case of the Forgetful Sailor.


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