Circus (one-switch or head-tracker game)

Colourful retro graphics of a seesaw, mad haired circus performer, and three rows of balloons overhead. The prolific William Pilgrim has added to the switch accessible arcade classics with a remake of a 1977 game called Circus. Highly colourful with a catchy Vince Clarke-ish sound track this is a happy little game, even if you do quickly end up with a dead circus performer. Playable with a single-switch (you'll need fast reactions) or any mouse compatible controller (easier). I will ask William if he'll consider releasing a slowed down version when he gets time. UPDATE: That was fast! A slower version is now available. UPDATED UPDATE (29.01.10): A new improved version is now available with speed control for both mouse and switch input.

As well as working on Circus, William has released the latest revision of his 4Noah utility, labelled 4Noah 2010 Beta. It's a tidier utility and more versatile to boot. I've been using this and other 4Noah utilities to play emulated Playstation One games in a one-switch manner. Basically this means, lots more 3D one-switch games. Destruction Derby and Everybody's Golf 2 (with Easy Shot on) have been working out lovely. More soon...

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4 Responses to 'Circus (one-switch or head-tracker game)'

  1. # Blogger

    You can view a quick video here:  

  2. # Anonymous Thierry D

    Thanks ! yes, we need a slowed down version if possible.But perhaps it's possible with CPU killer ?  

  3. # Blogger

    Worth a try, but CPU Killer doesn't work with this game. However, William's dropped a slower version in my e-mail box which I've just uploaded. How's this one?  

  4. # Anonymous Thierry D

    Very nice !The new slower version is now very more accessible for one switch user ! Thanks Barrie, and congratulations to William !
    I publish this information on our french blog today morning.
    Thanks for the very quick answeer.

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