2009: All Blogged One Switch Games

Star Trigon - Namco PC game with Accessibility Mode for one-switch play.
One Switch Games Blogged in 2009

A Sliding Puzzle for Helen - A fine title where you can use your own pictures.
Bloxland - A Tetris one-switch experiment.
Canabalt - On-line panic inducing run-for-your-life game.
Cubes - Q*Bert made one-switch accessible for the first time.
Dracula Cha Cha - Nutty and loveable Tomena Sanner inspired game.
Escargone - A flawed one-switch-ish platform game.
Gamma IV The Game - A unique puzzle game for PC's. Donationware.
Here Comes the Duck - 7-128 software's blind-accessible one-switch game.
Matching Pairs - Christmas matching cards game.
Mystic Mine - The finest multiplayer one-switch game to date.
NanoGames - Highly accessible on-line casual games with settings ripe for tweaking.
New Age Curling - On-line one or two player winter sport.
One Switch Football - William Pilgrim's one player football game.
Ropor - Retro styled swinging robot game.
Scott McKay Games - Four one-switch games.
SlotBahn - Scalextric with one-switch game play, but mouse based menu.
Star Trigon - The first ever mainstream game with a deliberate one-switch mode.
Super Press Space To Win - Silly RPG 'game'. Made me smile though.
Switch Soccer - Football to me.
SY!NSO! - Rob Fearon's wonderful-barmy arena shoot-em-up for PC and Xbox 360.
SY!NSO!2 - Squid Harder - Fierce!
The Amazing Dare Dozen - Very simple but tricky on-line catch-the-egg game.
The Factory - Retro Remakes competition winner.
Train Tracker - On-line train set.
Universal Access Games - Highly polished educational games.
Way of the Empty Hand 2 - Wonderful one or two-player fighting game.
Wobble Bob - Another flawed one-switch-ish game.

ATE Arcade

Atari VCS and 4Noah VCS utility - Making the inaccessible accessible.
Electro Mechanical Games - Whack-a-mole, crane games and more.
Pinball - Including specially adapted tables for one-button play.
RCA Studio II - Featuring the first ever one-switch console game. It's not good!

Favourite Other Posts of 2009

AbleGames 2009 - Assistive Technology Partner's fantastic accessible gaming show; BBC One Switch Accessible Newsreader; Colin McDonnell; One Switch Sound Sample Player and Tink; Retro Remakes 2008 Competition; SpecialEffect Roadshows; The One Question; The Skoog; Video Game Accessibility: The 1970's.

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