One-Switch Bird Demo

"Click the window to start, then click the mouse button or tap the space bar to flap your wings. If you hold the button down, you will dive.

tap - flap wings
hold - dive
none - soar
collide - perch

To reverse direction, perch on a pillar by flying into it. When you lift off again, you will be flying in the opposite direction.

Every ten seconds, a new swarmer appears. It's quite a sight when you have a hundred of them on the screen at a time.

You can reload the page to get a new environment to play in." - You could use two switches with one set for rapid-fire using JoyToKey for those unable to tap a switch rapidly.

Via: Active Sketch 04 - Pillars by ~axcho on deviantART

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You can also change direction by tapping twice. This is very nice... I'd like to see it developed further. :)  

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