Spooky Halloween Stuff (363 days early)

Cartoon image of a boy in a dingy looking house mixing colourful potions. I'd liked to have shared this before, but didn't have time. HelpKidzLearn have added "Aunty Maggie's Recipe" to their fantastic site. It's a simple halloween themed one-switch, two-switch and mouse compatible activity. Brew up a potion, drink it when ready then see what happens next. Very polished indeed.

We had some fun this halloween using Switch Mixer Lite and a pressure mat outside our front door. As soon as any trick-or-treaters stood on it they'd trigger a spooky sound played LOUD. Took quite a few kids by surprise. The rough D.I.Y. list:

A PC with loudspeakers. Switch Mixer Lite. Spooky sound samples in WAV format (we used some from SuperGlobe.com). A Switch Interface. JoyToKey. A pressure sensitive mat hooked up to a 3.5mm plug or any accessibility switch.

Later I relived the 1980's with some indoor fireworks from the Glow Company which my daughter and her friends were quite impressed by. Smoky!

[EDIT] Missed Mémory Halloween too from RNT' Blog. A fun little memory picture matching game that is mouse compatible for head-tracker or eye tracker play. Next year then?!


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