Slotbahn - (Part) One Button Racer

Image of a green car hurtling down a scalextric track surrounded by chairs.It's not often I get to see a pure one-switch race game. I'm not seeing one here either. However, 'Slotbahn' is good enough to warrant a place in the OneSwitch games library. It's a slightly bonkers Japanese slot-car game (Scalextric to me).

One and two-switch gamers will need a helper to set up games, but once started, all they'll need is "Z" to accellerate and optionally "X" to brake. I'm going to try e-mailing the Japanese author to see if he/she'll consider making a pure one-switch version. You never know.

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2 Responses to 'Slotbahn - (Part) One Button Racer'

  1. # Anonymous thierry D

    Beautiful game ! but is it compatible with Windows Vista ?
    I have sometime a bug 2 minutes after starting : the game stop.
    did you have this problem ?
    However, its possible to play with only one switch (Z key). very nice.
    Thanks +++  

  2. # Blogger

    Yes I have seen that same bug which makes the game crash. Doesn't always occur after restarting. Wish I could speak Japanese when contacting the author.  

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