One Switch Power Point Utility: "4Pete's Sake"

Image of an animated power point story book title screen with the 4Pete's Sake padlock utility in front.William Pilgrim's 4Pete's Sake utility is designed to assist one-switch users to step through Power Point slideshows with more control. Hosted within the OneSwitch 4Noah Laboratory, it has two modes: Padlocked and Back and Forth.

The Padlocked mode is aimed to assist users who are 'press-happy' or find it hard activate a single press. The Back and Forth mode aims to give one-switch users the power to step forwards and backwards through a slideshow at will.

There are a huge range of uses for Power Point, such as controlling a photo-album, performing a story to a group, triggering music and sound effects for a show and so on. I highly recommend taking a quick peek at Pete Wells excellent sensory stories for a starting point, then moving onto the TLWMSN Blog for more. D.I.Y. is probably the best bet for a lot of users though with support. Have fun!

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