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  1. # Anonymous John bannick


    Really neat stuff.
    I gotta check out what they use for the mind-computer interface.

    John Bannick
    7-128 Software  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Cribbed from their YouTube page:


    My Breath My Music presents "Music from the Brain"
    Step. Move an object with the power of your mind:
    You need: uncle milton star wars force trainer or mattels Mind flex.
    Step 2. you need a sensor technology to translate movement into digitally generated sound: the soundbeam
    Step 3 you need a person with brains: I was lucky that Karin was around.
    The beam coming out of the soundbeam was to wide so we used a bit of cardboard with a hole in it.

    About uncle miltons force trainer: The Force trainer uses a headset that measures brainwave that get translated into a airstream produced by a fan inside the Force Trainer base.

    About the soundbeam: Soundbeam is an award-winning device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into digitally generated sound and image.
    In performance, education and therapy, this unique creative and expressive medium is now widely recognised as 'must-have' 21st Century technology.

    About us: My Breath My Music is a lively internet resource for people with muscular disabilities who are looking for a way to play wind instruments. It is also a nice way for those who need respiratory therapy to do breathing exercises:
    We have our own instrument The Magic Flute.
    Check it out on the Internet

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