Microsoft Research: Songsmith

Image of Songsmith's musical style selection screen. Reggae highlighted with Pop Ballad, R&B, Rock and Salsa also available. A Style Mood drop down bar reads 'Light'. A Get More Styles button is also shown. Microsoft have a free to download 6 hour trial of their research project "Songsmith". Choose a style of music, set the tempo, hit record, then sing a song into your computer's microphone. When finished, hit the SPACE BAR (or switch set to that) and Songsmith will build a song around your performance in the style you chose.

This is said to work with musical instruments too. I'm immediately thinking of accessible musical instruments such as The Skoog, The Magic Flute and these one-switch instruments. Play a solo then have the computer build the backing around your performance. Exciting stuff that should only get better in the future.

Link via LittleMaths Twitter feed.

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