Forza 3: One Button Mode?

Forza 3 - One Switch Accessible?Nope. There is no one-button driving assist mode in Forza 3 for the Xbox 360. Certainly not as I'd hoped to see it. It's not all glum news though...

What have been included are some really nice driver assist modes. If you enable them all and jam the right trigger on you can race using the thumb stick alone for steering. Perhaps the one-button mode they mentioned is the excellent REWIND feature that allows you to re-take a messed up manouvre

A lot of the other modes I first saw in SEGA's Ferrari F355 Challenge have resurfaced here including auto-braking and an on-screen racing line. Unlike F355 Challenge winning races is no where near as hard. All of this alone will be reason enough to buy Forza for a lot of disabled players, and it's a great improvement on many racing games.

This said, a true one-switch mode, larger text, a more intuitive menu system, reconfigurable controls, and some Destruction Derby style tracks would have really put the icing on the cake. See the IGDA GASIG's Top 3 Accessibility Features for Driving Games for more ideas for Forza 4.


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