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Image of a HORI Separate controller advert in Japanese. Yahoo's Japanese Auction site is the eBay of Japan, and a fertile source of obscure controllers. It's the place that I first discovered the HORI Separate controller pictured above, and my first port of call when trying to track down the super-rare ASCII Grip V2 controllers.

So, in the spirit of sharing, this is my advice for those wanting to track down rare Japanese accessible controllers:

1. Install Google's web browser toolbar, then enable the "Translate" tool. This will help you to get a rough translation of auction item quality in English-ish.
2. Set up a PayPal account.
3. Set up a Japanese Auction Agency (JAA) account. JAA will bid on items on your behalf, deal with the seller, receive the item, the repackage and send to your address. I highly recommend this helpful and professional company.
4. Have a mooch around Yahoo Auctions Japan. Copy and paste the following Kanji into the Yahoo Auctions search text box to further assist: Ascii/Sammy Grip V2 (グリップV2); HORI Super Robot Wars (スーパーロボット大戦コントローラ); HORI Separate Controller (セパレートコントローラ); HORI Fighting Stick (ファイティングスティック). Alternatively you may find stuff on your local Amazon.
5. If you find something you like, and can afford (use for a currency conversion) go back to your JAA account, make a deposit, then carefully step through their auction buying service.

Bare in mind that a lot of Japanese sellers seem to go for short auctions of 3 to 5 days, so check regularly if you are keen. Also take into account any additional customs charges you may incur if the item is expensive. Good luck!

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