What's For Dinner, Mr Gum?

Image of Greasy Ian and Mr. Gum scoffing a manky rancid looking kebab."Well, Shabba me whiskers! Mr Gum's Back! But what's he up to this time? Oh, dreadful things my friends, dreadful things indeed. Seems he's found himself a brand new treat - rancid kebabs just dripping with grey sauce. And he just can't get enough of them. He's gotta have more! More! LESS! I mean, MORE! But not everyones too happy with Mr Gum's new dinnertime arrangements and soon the town of Lamonic Bibber is gearing up for war. Can Polly and her friends save the town from being torn apart? Will Mr Gum's hunger ever be satisfied? And who on earth is Thora Gruntwhistle?"

Just finished reading this to my daughter, I'm so happy that she's still not too old for Mr. Gum! Great book, with a wonderful bonus story that explains just about everything about the world's present financial woes in a way that will make you smile.

I plan to build an accessible stories area for the Ideas section in the near future. Coming very soon will be the "4 Pete's Sake" utility by William Pilgrim developed to give one switch users more control over Power Point presentations. Take a look at Pete Well's superb "Pete's Stuff" story presentations meanwhile to see what will be more accessible soon to switch users.


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