Shark Attack Soaker

For those trying to track down a switch accessible water pistol, they'll know that it's not an easy thing to do at the minute. I've long sold out of the X-Blaster that Homebase were selling for a while, however...

A D.I.Y. alternative exists for the moment for those in North America on eBay and Amazon. The Banzai "Shark Attack Soaker" looks to be almost identical to the X-Blaster. Follow my D.I.Y. guide to make switch accessible for soaking fun on a warm day.


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  1. # Blogger daveat

    Awsome!! how about the nerf automatic its on my shop table awaiting its fate!  

  2. # Blogger

    Would love to see a D.I.Y. guide for that if you fancy it. I'd be happy to host.  

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