Links Lucky Dip

Image of Bingo balls.Another list of fine accessibility links for you to pick through like foxes rooting around my bin bags. Find the juicy bits that appeal, whilst I try to find a more pleasant metaphor for next time...

A Sliding Puzzle for Helen: Use your own images, have them jumbled up, then put them back again using a single switch.

Ropor: A rope swinging game where you hold your switch to build momentum, tap to let-go and tap to grab a new point. Retro one-switch goodness. This and Sliding Puzzle are both finally hosted at the OneSwitch library.

The Shivah: A great point-and-click adventure game where you play a disillusioned Rabbi. It's not expensive (it was free for a weekend) and with a bit of tweaking via the "WINSETUP.EXE" file you can play within a window with dwell-clickers. I recommend setting your desktop to the lowest resolution to make the game screen as big as you can. I wish there were more diverse games like this. Story lines in mainstream games are a bit dull these days.

RNT's "Les Infos Flash" Blog: Some really good posts lately relating to switch access including: The PapooSwitch a light to no touch switch; A Scanning Mouse that looks like an easy to understand way of controlling the mouse pointer using a single switch; Switch adapted toys for Babies and Tots.

Playing With a Facial Mouse: Javier Mairena has posted news of a face tracking device at AbleGamers. Free for PC use. Looks good.

1969: Tomorrow's World programme featuring what must have been the first ever one-switch game (around 2 minutes 40 on the video). A note plays, as soon as it stops you hit the switch. Try to beat your fastest time. We used to play this at school when very bored with our first stop watches. Thank goodness for progress!

Skoogmusic: The first public-wide demonstration of the Skoog at the Scottish Learning Festival. Coming soon, the first live performance of a piece composed using the Skoog on the 11th November at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.


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