"Destroy The Space Invader"

Scientist Meets the Space Invaders - cartoon image from a 1981 Dub album. I love Space Invaders. It's simple, but the appeal never quite goes away. There's always a bit of time each year when I'll sit down and have a go in one form or another. Happy to be able to share with you a couple of one-switch Space Invader clones of quality...

Alienated by William Pilgrim is a heavily retro styled version of Space Invaders. If you have the reactions this is a mighty-fine version. Great sound and a really good feel.

Invasion Force by Graeme Singh is a superb alternative version too. This one has some highly reconfigurable settings to make the difficulty level suit your ability. I recommend making it hard for your self, just like the real thing was when you first played it.

There are lots of alternative accessible Space Invader games worth a look too including "Space Invaders for the Blind" and "Access Invaders".

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    Prince Jammy Destroys the Space Invaders:


    Scientist Meets the Space Invaders:


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