What is a Skoog?

What is a Skoog?

A Skoog is a musical instrument like no other that will open up unprecedented expressive control to musicans previously denied it.

In essence the Skoog puts a physics based sound model of real and imagined instruments under the control of the user. Imagine someone who can not pick up, blow nor hold a real flute. The Skoog gives the user an alternative way to play but with an equal degree of expressivity. You can have the soft foam cube set up so that if you press it softly you'll hear just the gentle blowing of air, without sounding the notes. Press a little harder to play a note with control. Press too hard and you'll over blow to make a school recorder screech and have your neighbours knocking on the wall!

Thanks to versatile mouse based software for Apple or PC you can tweak many settings to suit the individual's degree of strength and control as they learn how to play.

Instrument choices range through flute, bass guitar, vibraphone, singing-stones and many more. I had huge fun playing with the Elephant sounds. Pressing softly sounded out a gentle elephantine trumpet. Pressing hard gave out a huge roaring "get out of my way" trumpet. I also loved some of the oriental sounds as well as the amazing ability to play through a sound sample depending on the pressure you exert upon the Skoog. Press softly and you'll play through the beginning, a bit firmer and you'll sound out deeper into the sample. It's a wonderful way to create music, and opens up a way for people to sing who may not have a voice of their own.

Never before has such control been offered to any musician with an instrument. This is a potential revolution for disabled and able bodied musicians alike. I am certain that others will see and hear it in the flesh, understand it's potential, and become supporters of the cause too: music for everyone.

You can learn much more direct from Skoogmusic and keep up to date via their brand new blog entitled Dr. Schogler's Nuggets, and YouTube video channel.

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