Top 5 Multiplayer One Switch Games

Image of Mystic Mine for one to six one-switch players. A 3D train track optical illusion. 1. Mystic Mine (PC). Huge fun for 1-6 one-switch players. Newly updated by Koen Witters including some great variations and speed control over the entire game. Highly recommended.

2. Uo Poko (Arcade). A match-three puzzle game for 1-2 players. I love the two-player mode where you play to help one another. The menu system is not one-switch accessible unfortunately. A game for future ATE Arcade inclusion.

3. Way of the Exploding Hand 2 (PC). For 1-2 players. The finest one-switch fighting game to date. Fantastic music and sound effects.

4. Alice Amazed (PC). For 1-2 players including a range of mini-games. I've always found Climbing the Wells tremendous fun. have a new one-switch accessible game due soon to look forward to.

5. Neck-N-Neck (Arcade). For 1-6 players. A horse racing game based on the earliest ever commercial one-switch game, Atari's Steeplechase. Another game for future ATE Arcade inclusion.


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  1. # Anonymous Thierry D

    Excuse me, I dont understand what is exactely Neck-N-Neck... A free software ? I dont find the donwload page.
    Always very happy to read yours news !  

  2. # Blogger

    Hi Thierry. Neck-N-Neck was a coin-operated arcade game which you played to try to win tickets. You could then exchange these tickets for prizes in an amusement arcade.

    The game will only work within the MAME emulator. Unfortunately I have not got around to writing a good guide to using MAME yet but I will.

    MAME UI32 Emulator:

    ROM file of the Neck-N-Neck game:

    You need to drop the ZIP into the ROM folder of your MAME set-up.

    It is a bit of a hassle, but well worth the trouble when it works well.

    Likewise - I'm always happy to read your news too at the RNT blog. You have some fantastic finds there.  

  3. # Blogger

    Here's some more info on multi-player one-switch / one-button games....

    "If you can bear the hassle of an emulator (and tracking down a version of MAME that has been hacked to still work with switch technology), there's the likes of Uo Poko, Canyon Bomber and Neck 'N' Neck. On my site there's a bad version of Steeple Chase for 6 players: Hazardous Heights and High High Rockets: Micro Sprint: Pax Britannica and Scorch Went Bonkers: Switch Curling, TIG Duels and Way Of The Exploding Hand 2 (plus links down the bottom to some others): and Alice Amazed here:

    Others include Switch Lanes Bowling, Wall Games, Mystic Mine, Tomena Sammer (menus aren't accessible),

    Lots of games can be adapted, but the number of people using this method is tiny compared to those using easy to start and use games.

    Such games include Everybody's Golf, Tekken, Dance mat games, Call of Duty (click on the Gaming Redux side link on this site or search on that term). More to follow....  

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