Squid Yes, Not So Octopus: Squid Harder

Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! Squid Harder is the fist ever 2D game to make me feel motion-sick. My brain and eyes struggle to put it all together at times.

It is amazing and relentless and the most bonkers hard-core shoot-em-up ever to be graced with one-switch accessibility. It also has practice and auto-fire modes meaning that anyone who can activate an accessibility switch can blow lots of things up in glorious glowing primary colours for the shear fun of it.

Written by Robert Fearon, a massive supporter of accessible gaming, SYNSO2 uses a William Pilgrim 4Noah utility to add one-switch functionality. Both Robert's and William's influence reaches far and wide within OneSwitch with projects they have initiated or supported. Thank you both.

Read more on Rob Fearon over at BritishIndie.com and expect more 4Noah work to surface at OneSwitch as soon as I get it ready and uploaded.

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