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Image of a capsule toy vending machine stating 'Lucky Dip - 10p' next to a toy ring vending machine. Both looking a bit tatty. So many interesting accessible gaming and leisure things have turned up my way lately that I'm going to dump a load of them here in one go:

RJ Cooper keyboard cover for laptops. Cuts out the temptation to press keys and touch pads helping to focus the user's attention on their primary control method such as a single switch.

Floatsation is a swimming aid unlike any other I've seen. They say, "A unique matrix of balls giving total support and independence in water for all abilities, disabled and non-disabled alike. It has wide applications in the leisure market, as an exercise unit and an aid to relaxation as well as being a fun toy in the water for all." do fun looking therapeutic work with trampolines and have some great links.

TeraKirk is beavering away over at GameCritic. She has recently posted a thought provoking article entitled "Motion Control: Boon or Bane for Gamers with Disabilities". Keep it up, Tera!

Ben Heck has modified an Xbox 360 controller to switch the controls around and add some extra buttons. Neat job as always.

Stumbled upon a YouTube video of a heavy duty looking one-handed Xbox 360 controller called the Chongtroller.

Discovered a Dutch site with interest in accessible gaming in education called Speciaal Onderwijs En Ict. Added to the Game Accessibility sites list.

Found a French free accessible games site: Jeux Gratuits Ergo.

Finally, Eelke Folmer's notes for his recent presentation on game accessibility research at the Games for Health conference. Not sure if I agree 100% with his take that not all games can be made one-switch accessible. I think they can, but certainly, some will take much more effort than others to make so.

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