Image of switch accessible musical sequencer E-Scape by Tim Anderson of Inclusive Music.Tim Anderson has very kindly allowed me to host his switch accessible musical sequencer: E-Scape. Originally developed at the Drake Music Project E-Scape opens up a way for users to compose music and also perform it back as a conductor.

The trial version hosted at OneSwitch gives a really good taste of what is possible after only a short period of getting used to the menus. An easy way to start is to load an existing score then perform it with a single switch, either note by note, or in phrased chunks.

One, two or three switch set-ups are possible as well as a mouse based interface that should suit head-tracker users well. It's also possible for up to 16 switch users to play at once, although this requires additional hardware.

See more at Inclusive Music, MyBreathMyMusic and YouTube. Find more switch accessible music ideas at OneSwitch.

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