ATE Arcade: Electro Mechanical Games

Image of the cartoon-style Whack-a-Monty Mole game in action.Freshly added to the ATE Arcade is the accessible electro mechanical and redemption games section. Just a few types currently reside including Whack-a-Mole and a crane grabbing machine. It would be wonderful to add more in the future. I'm thinking of video game approximations of toy grabbers, fortune telling machines, shove-a-penny games, novelty shooting ranges, air-hockey, table football.... fact I'd love to see anything you might find in an arcade from past or present that isn't a video game, pinball game nor a fruit machine find a home here. All decent accessible games (see Whacka-Monty-Mole for guidance and inspiration) will get an instant submission to the Game for Helen project as well as a permanent place in the ATE Arcade.

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