Atari 8000

Image of a mocked-up Super Atari 8000.The super-computer rebuild is getting there. Fingers crossed it all holds together. Stuff waiting in the wings? A break down of the superb AbleGames event so that you can relive many of the games at home. A 4Noah lab page with new William Pilgrim projects. More on the wonderful Skoog and Skoogmusic. More ATE Arcade projects. An update on Mystic Mine with a list of the best multi-player one-switch games. An Accessible Music Shop.

Update: I've closed the OneSwitch shop down temporarily whilst I get more organised. My plans are to build an Accessible Shopping Arcade to cover switch accessible Toys and Gadgets, Music, Art and (of course) Gaming. This will showcase suppliers around the world as well as some of my stuff. Won't be quick, but I plan to get there...


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