AbleGames 2009: The Games

Image of Hoop Stars switch accessible basketball. Being played by a retired NBA player, Ervyn Johnson, from the Denver Nuggets and a young disabled lad.For those wishing to relive a little more of AbleGames 2009 at home, curator Gavin Philips has kindly shared with me (to share with you) a list of most of the games used on the day.

The One-Switch Games

Alice Amazed; Alien Abduction; Aurikon; Blood Bath; Bubble Gum Pop; Bullet Speed; Chuck Rock Dance; CRC Formula 1; Cubes; Hoop Stars; Jet Boarder; Mario Dash; Maze Muncher; Mini Golf; One Switch Ballz; Orbit Racers; Pang'd; Ropor; Run Rabbit Run (3D); Scorch Went Bonkers; Slacker; Star Wars; Squid Yes, Not So Octopus; Way of the Empty Hand 2.

Most of the games above would not exist if it were not for the support of Retro Remakes so huge thanks to them. Of course many thanks too, to all individual authors. You can discover many more one-switch playable games via Switch Gaming at

Image of Whack-a-Monty-Mole being played via Eye-Control.
Games with Multiple-methods of Control

The Pyramid; Whack-A-Monty. Both fantastic examples of games playable using a huge array of controllers, covering a wide span of abilities. The Pyramid even features a zooming option for sight-impaired gamers. In fact it probably has the largest range of accessibility features ever seen in a game to date.

Point and Click Games

Big Kahuna Reef and on-line here; Caterpillar; Crayon Physics; Hamsterball; Mahjongg; Peggle; Zuma

These are games designed to be played with a mouse or any compatible controller such as a head-tracker, touch screen and so on. The great thing about the list above is that these games tend not to rush you, so you can play in your own time. You can find many more of these types of game all around the net. Gavin particularly recommends PopCap Games.

Image of a switch adapted full-sized pinball machine.
Adapted Arcade Games

AbleGames featured three full-sized adapted arcade games, being Pinball, Hungry Hippos and horse riding game Neck-N-Neck. The following is the best way I can pipe these down the internet to you:

Pinball: ATE Arcade Future Pinball and Microsoft Pinball Arcade.
Hungry Hippos: Zampabolas.
Neck-N-Neck: Available for the MAME emulator. To be added to the ATE Arcade eventually.

Image of switch adapted Nerf Guns.
Adapted Toys

The show had adapted Nerf guns alongside a number of switch adapted toys. The following links are a good starting point to find out more: Blog and D.I.Y. pages, Dream Toys and Kate Aherne's 60 Things to do with a Single Switch.


Guitar Hero World Tour; Wii Fit; We Ski; Mario Kart; Wii Sports; Mario Party 8.

The adapted Wii Fit board used a chair for those unabled to stand to play or fancying an alternative. Mario Party 8 had many mini-games that worked well for head control, like hovercraft racing.

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