AbleGames 2009 - Best Accessible Gaming Show Yet?

Fantastic photo of a daughter and her Dad playing Guitar Hero at AbleGames 2009.

Photo taken by a person using a switch adapted camera at AbleGames 2009.

Image of an ex-professional basketballer playing head-to-head against a young boy in the one-switch game HoopStars.

Image of a young lad tilting his body in a chair strapped to a Wii-Fit board to play a Disney winter sports game at AbleGames 2009.

Image of a switch adapted giant arcade Hungy Hungry Hippos.

Image of the gigantic one switch adapted Nerf Guns and the targets to hit in front, including humans!.

Image of a young woman playing Peggle using Eye Control.

Image of a switch adapted Neck-n-Neck arcade game for up to six players each using a single switch. Family look to be having huge fun.
The photos above are a handful taken from Assistive Technology Partners' AbleGames 2009 held on August the 29th. In the words of Ian Dury - "Das ist gut! C'est fantastique!". You'll soak up so much by browsing the photos and reading some of the news reports from the likes of Mile High News and The University of Colorado and Denver.

Personally I couldn't stop grinning. So much joy on show from something that most kids take for granted. Frankly most disabled kids should be taking this sort of fun for granted too. There's still a long way to go but the road exists.

Chuffed doesn't cover it when Gavin Philips who contributed so much to this event e-mailed me this just before the event: "Thanks a million for running Oneswitch and your blog, Barrie. The majority of the games and adaptations that we will be using for this event came directly from you". Well have to say this event has given me back plenty of inspiration to keep going. Thank you!

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  1. # Blogger Gavin

    That second photo was actually taken by one of the participants with a wheelchair mounted, switch adapted camera. There were several up-and-coming photographers shooting for us!  

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