Modified Xbox 360 Controllers on eBay

Xbox 360 Modification - Image of illuminated buttons on an adapted Xbox 360 controller. Wanted to share that a number of individuals are modifying Xbox 360 controllers and selling them on eBay. Most of these mods are aimed at geekfest FPS shoot-em-up gamers giving them a rapid-fire option. Other adjustments however may appeal to a wider audience. These include adding illuminated buttons, and also the swapping of controls to make a right-handed controller into a left-handed controller.


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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    how did you get the buttons illuminated?  

  2. # Blogger

    This isn't my modification - but you this link should help:  

  3. # Blogger

    That link isn't live at the minute, but you can get to it via the Way Back Machine (Internet Archive):  

  4. # Anonymous xbox 360 controllers

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