Game Accessibility Sites

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Lucky Dip Game Accessibility Supporters and their top Accessible Gaming Sites lists (USA)
Ability Powered Gaming
Adapted Video Games Pinterest board
APAM Games (Spain)
CapGame (France)
C1ic (Mexico)
D.A.G.E.R.S. (USA)
Ergo-Hacks (Accessible Gaming) (UK) (Dutch)
Game Accessibility Guidelines (International) (France)
Ian Hamilton (UK)
IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (International)
Javier Mairena (Spain)
Joe Parlock (England)
Let's Project ( (Japan) and Blog (UK)
The Machine Operated Gamer (USA)
UK AT News Gaming section (UK)
Unstoppable Gamer - Games galore reviewed for accessibility.
Videojuegos Accessibles (Spain)

Accessible Gaming Charities

Able Gamers (USA)
Everyone Can Game (UK)
SpecialEffect (UK)
Stack-up Org (USA)
War Fighter Engaged (USA)

Blind Accessible Gaming Focussed

AppleVis Directory of Apple Games accessible for visually impaired (Holland) (International) (France)

Board and Table Top Gaming

64 Ounce Games Make adaptations to table top games (USA)
Meeple Like Us Table top accessibility reviews (International)
The Geeky Gimp (USA)

Contacts in Game Companies Interested in Game Accessibility

Apple Accessibility - primarily via
Google Accessibility (USA and International)
Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility and Accessibility (USA)
Sony Accessibility and Usability (International)
Xbox Ease of Access and Accessibility (USA)

Bryce Johnson on Twitter a great contact at Xbox.
Karen Stevens on Twitter likewise at EA Accessible.
Mark Friend on Twitter likewise at Sony (also via mark.friend [@]

Game Accessibility Web Shops

Accessible Gaming Shop - a huge range of AG gear from around the world.
Broadened Horizons
64 Ounce Games Make adaptations to table top games (USA)

Game Accessibility Forums Forum
Facebook Games for the Disabled (private group).
Reddit Disabled Gamers Forum.

Programming Help

Switch accessible game programming help and general programming resources.

Archived Game Accessibility Sites

Assistive Gaming - Apple Mac accessible gaming.
Avoclic - French PDF document on one-switch games.
COGAIN - Gaze controlled games.
Deaf Gamers (UK)
e-Bility - Links page.
Enabled Gaming (Australia)
Evil Controllers (USA)
Eye Tracking Update
Funka Tema Spel - (Sweden)
Future Making Serious Games Blog Forum
Game Accessibility (German)
Games CC
Gamerazzi written by disabled/enabled gamers (International)
Gaze Interaction (USA)
Game Forward (Canada)
Helen Hodson - Campaiging for Colour-Blind accessibility options (UK)
Help You Play
l337epixx (UK)
Monkey Gaming
NAMCO Hustle Club
One Soft - Japanese page on one-switch games.
Pin Interactive
Retro Remakes plus coding resources (UK)
Reseau Nouvelles Technologies Blog and Archived Posts (France)
Robert Florio and Game Accessibility page (USA)
Speciaal Onderwijs En Ict
SpecialEffect Accessible Gamebase (UK)
SpecialEffect Facebook (closed) (UK)
Tera Kirk Blog (USA)
The AGRIP Project
The Gaming Kitsune
TMF (Iceland)
UA-Games - Universal Access games including the most inaccessible game ever.
VDVC GA-AG (Germany)
Without Wheels community site created by Paul Willey (USA)

Archived Forums:
Able Gamers Forum, Apparelyzed accessible gaming forumCOGAIN Eye Tracker Forum, IGDA GASIG Forum, SpecialEffect Accessible Gamebase Forum.


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