Eye Controlled Race Game

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  1. # Blogger Gavin

    Fantastic! Do you happen to know what game they are playing, and if they have had to modify it at all?

    We may have an eye tracking system or two (FRS, Dynavox, Tobii...) at our upcoming event, and I am still gathering fitting games.  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    "The game is called Live For Speed (LFS) and is only available to download http://www.lfs.net/.

    It had a patch kindly put in one of the versions, which they have left in the final one. Someone called Dominic (?) who is neurological doctor of some sort asked them for it for a patient of his using eye control, which allows you to change the x and y axis controls when using pointer controls, therefore allowing it to be set to an individuals specification for eye/ head control.

    His recommended settings for eye control we found were a bit off for us, so we tested it and worked with matt on the head control and came up with some, which I can pass on to you.

    We also adapted many other settings on steering etc... which I can also pass on and now it is very instinctive to use for both eye and head control. Luckily it is quite nerdy and physics based so lots of settings can be tweaked.

    It doesn't work on a tobii as it requires a fast frame rate between 25-50 ps, but does on an old Dell and our powerbox (tablet pc)."

    Via Bill Donegan at Special Effect  

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