British 10K London Run

Image of Track & Field by Konami. Just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who has sponsored me so far for the British 10K run. I'm trying to raise £400 for one of my favourite charities, Special Effect, and their Game for Helen project. I'm 40 quid shy of the total so if you're feeling flush, please sponsor me here.

Training fell to bits for a couple of months after a nasty virus followed by a chest infection and blah blah blah. However, I've restarted in earnest. Ran through my local fields the other night up to the church cemetry (beautifully illuminated) then back again racing against the failing light. Bit of a mistake I realised when I couldn't tell weeds from ruts from horse manure. Knees all okay though which is amazing.

Update: Managed a 9km run last night - the best I've done for 20 years. Starting to believe that I will make it.


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