Wii New Super Mario Bros - Accessibility Feature

New Super Mario Brothers - Wii. Accessible Demo Play Mode. Nintendo's "New Super Mario Brothers" for the Wii is due to feature a unique accessibility feature: 'Demo Play'. If part of the game gets too tough, activating this mode will see the game take over and play automatically. Once demo-play has seen you through the tough bit you were stuck on you can de-activate it and resume manual play.

It's a great idea, although I was dismayed to see that Nintendo have patented it. I don't like the idea of an accessibility feature being patented. Good stuff like this should be shared. It's like patenting a wheelchair ramp. That's just not right. Thank goodness no one ever patented the wheel!

Via: Richard Van Tol on the IGDA GASIG list and 1UP.


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  1. # Anonymous Scott McKay

    An article at Gamesetwatch.com questions whether or not an increase in accessibility is really a good thing. Hmmm.


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