Star Trigon - First Mainstream One Switch Game!

Star Trigon - If you are a supporter and player of one-switch games, prepare yourself for some very good news. Namco have just released a PC version of their cult coin-op Star Trigon WITH a deliberate one-switch accessibility mode. All menus and game play can be made accessible with the SPACE BAR alone. You can download and have a free play for 30 minutes. That's extremely nice!

It's also an absolute first from a main-stream game developer, unless you count Air Attack from 1979 for the Commodore Pet! Namco have been long term supporters of game accessibility and 'rehabilitainment' through their Hustle-Club in Japan. To my knowledge this is the first time that they have brought their accessibility work to the mainstream. Good on you Namco and long may you carry on!

The game itself is huge fun with really cheerful music and graphics. Highly recommended. AbleGamers review coming soon too.

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