One Switch Karate

Image of two martial artists, one blocking the other executing a flying kick in front of an ancient Pagoda.Graeme Singh has achived something pretty special with his latest one-switch game "Way of the Empty Hand 2". He has created a fun one-switch fighting game, and in so doing, proved that any arena fighting game can be adapted in a similar way. Sweet...

It's a fairly big download, but immediately justified when you hear the superb music and sound effects. This retro styled game made me smile broadly. Graeme hopes to add some future accessibility tweaks in the near future (making the easiest difficulty level much easier) and to add a two-player mode. I can't wait for that. I can't wait for someone to take this idea to the next stage and make it 3D. Now I'm thinking Tekken 7 with a one-switch option. Namco?! Pretty please?!

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2 Responses to 'One Switch Karate'

  1. # Anonymous Thierry D

    Souvenirs, souvenirs...
    Very fabulous ! Thanks !  

  2. # Blogger Graeme

    Thank you Thierry :)  

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