Mind-Controlled Pinball

BBCi Mind Controlled Pinball
I've seen switch adapted pinball and dance mat adapted pinball before but never mind controlled pinball. The photo above shows a man playing using just his thoughts thanks to the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface and an adapted Adams Family pinball table.

You can view a number of related videos at the BBCi or alternatively click on the photo above for a quick to load vid. Apparently deliberate play is very possible, but there is up to a second delay between you trying to activate a flipper and it actually happening. Not quite there yet then... but getting closer.

Via: JustOneMoreGame and Arcade Heros

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2 Responses to 'Mind-Controlled Pinball'

  1. # Anonymous john bannick

    Interesting stuff.
    I've been following BBCI for a couple of years now.
    Also the Emotiv and BrainFingers work.
    The user interface implications are fascinating.

    John Bannick
    7-128 Software  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Great to see things progressing. One day think and it's done immediately will be a possibility.  

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