JoyPad Converters for Retro Consoles

Image of a SEGA Megadrive games controller adapter. Hong Kong's TotoTek have a large number of joypad converters on sale for classic games consoles. These include Megadrive (which also work on an Atari VCS), SEGA Saturn and others. These adapters allow you to play using most (not all) Playstation compatible controllers.

The benefits are in the huge variety of controllers that were made for the PSone and PS2, including one-handed controls and various switch interfaces. If you want one, get one whilst they're still around.

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2 Responses to 'JoyPad Converters for Retro Consoles'

  1. # Blogger javier

    two questions:

    1.- It is compatible with USB joypads?

    2.- do you ship to chile?  

  2. # Blogger

    Sorry, not sure what you mean in question 1.  

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