Switch Accessible Digital Cameras

Switch access for top-notch digital cameras? It seems that the Canon EOS camera range can be controlled via a remote wired switch. It uses an attachment very similar to those used by accessibility switches, with my guess being that it's a 2.5mm stereo plug connector.

In theory it should be possible to knock up a simple adaptation for accessibility switch compatibility. I've contacted Canon who I hope will get back to me shortly.

Meanwhile you can find more on switch accessible cameras here.


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  1. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Had this response from Canon:

    "Thank you for contacting Canon.

    With regards to your query, the two stage button on the remote switch operates a lot like the shutter release button on the EOS 350D or any other camera in the EOS range. Additionally, there is a third stage where you can lock down the button when setting the shutter on bulb or for continuous shooting."

    Sounds like with a bit of adaptation accessibility switches could be used to take photos with a high-quality camera.  

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