Squid Yes! Octopus Not So!

Image of the one-switch playable arena shooter - Squid Yes! Octopus Not So! Perhaps the most frenetic one-switch game that has ever been written is "Squid Yes! Octopus Not So!" from Bag Full of Wrong. This is an utterly bonkers shoot-em-up inspired by Williams classic "Robotron: 2084" which alongside Defender marked the dawning of games with extremely demanding control schemes and game play.

Thanks to a brand new William Pilgrim 4Noah utility and with Robert Fearon's in-game accessibility options this wonderfully noisy game can be played with a single switch. In normal play you'll need very fast reactions and ideally the ability to double and treble click. In practice mode however, just enjoy the mad light show, effects and general carnage you can create clicking at your leisure. Absolutely superb fun!

For one-switch Arena Shooter fans I can highly recommend Sentinella too. Also keep an eye out for SY!NSO! 2 which is due out on May the 16th. Please do donate if you enjoy the game. It keeps this kind of stuff coming.

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